Securonix leads the Security Intelligence market with our Security Intelligence Platform. By applying advanced analytical technqiues to security data, the Securonix solution rapidly detects advanced threats and provides actionable intelligence to security professionals.

Become a Securonix expert.

Securonix is pleased to provide you with several options to learn more about the Securonix technologies and solutions. We provide online self-paced courses and instructor led training programs to get you started on the Securonix technology.

Getting started with the training.

  • Laptop/PC with internet connectivity
  • Supported Browser - IE (9 and above), Mozilla Firefox(latest or previous 2 releases), Safari (latest or previous 2 releases), Chrome (latest or previous 2 releases)
  • Putty for Windows OS
  • Winscp or other scp client for Windows OR equivalent sftp client for unix/linux/Mac OS
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    Available courses

    Learn about the Securonix Intelligence Platform and where, why, and h...
    Learn how to use the Securonix product to detect and manage threats ...
    Learn how to configure and manage the Securonix application in day ...
    Learn Installation, configuration, data ingestion, analytics, investig...
    Learn how to architect the deployment of Securonix in large and medium...
    Intended for Securonix Engineers and Field Engineers
    This course is mandatory for all Securonix developers. In this course ...