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Securonix leads the Security Intelligence market with our Security Intelligence Platform. By applying advanced analytical technqiues to security data, the Securonix soluion rapidly detects advanced persistent threats and provides actionable intelligence to security professionals.

Our Innovations:

  • Enhanced Data Model to support all security data - Identity, Events, Access Privileges, Network and Device data
  • Signatureless  behavior based anomaly detection engine
  • Peer Group based outlier detection engine
  • Industry's most advanced identity correlation engine
  • Most flexible Risk Modeling engine
  • Advanced visualization based Investigation workbench
  • Case Management & Workflows

Learn More.

Securonix University is pleased to provide you with several options to learn more about the Securonix technologies and solutions.

We provide online self-paced courses and instructor led training programs to get you started on the Securonix technology.

Getting Ready for the Training.

  • Laptop/PC with internet connectivity
  • Supported Browser - IE (9 and above), Mozilla Firefox(6), Safari (4,5), Chrome
  • Putty for Windows OS
  • Winscp or other scp client for Windows OR equivalent sftp client for unix/linux/Mac OS
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Available courses

  • Purpose: Understand what Securonix is and the where, why, and how it is used.
    Audience: For Customers/Partners/MSSP/Security Analysts and Investigators
    Duration: 1 hour
    Method of Delivery: Class/Online
    • Overview of security analytics
    • Applications of Security Analytics
    • Introduction to Securonix interface
    Self enrolment
  • Course Description: Provides an end-user with the skills to navigate and use Securonix 

    Goals: At the end of this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:

    • An Introduction to the Securonix Interface
    • Searching information for Users, Resources, Peer Groups, Organizations and Watchlists
    • Security Dashboard
    • Threat Detection Techniques
    • Understanding Risk Scores
    • Working with Threats
    • Investigation Workbench
    • How do I create a case? (or view an open case)
    • Controlling Access to the Securonix Application
    • Reporting
    • Email Templates

    Duration: 8 hours or 1 Day (Instructor Led @ 8 hours per day)

    Self enrolment
  • Purpose: Prepares Application Administrators to configure and manage the Securonix platform.
    Audience: For Securonix Administrators/Operations Staff
    Duration: 16 hours
    Method of Delivery: Classroom/Online
    • Administrator Overview- Day In the Life
    • License management
    • Application Admin: Start/Stop,Backup & Recovery,Monitoring Jobs
    • Securonix Configuration Changes
    • Universal forwards and Node management
    • Data collection/parsing/inputs management
    • Managing Threat Content
    • Access Control: Users, roles, and authentication
    • Privacy Controls: Data protection and security
    • Data extraction
    • Application auditing and security controls
    • Reporting and dashboarding
    • Operations – Logging & Debugging
    • Auditing Controls
    Self enrolment
  • Course Description: The purpose of this training is to enable you to install, configure and integrate the Securonix application in an organization 

    Goals: At the end of this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:

    • Install and configure the Securonix application
    • Become familiar with the underlying data structures
    • Import different type of data sets - identity, access, activity, security events, network maps, third party intelligence feeds
    • Generate Organization structures and Peer Groups
    • Develop effective policies
    • Run Access Outliers
    • Run Activity Outliers
    • Design Workfows and configure Case Management
    • Use the Investigation Workbench
    • Generate Reports
    • Logging & Auditing
    • Forward Events as syslog, CEF etc

    Duration: 16 hours or 2 Days (Instructor Led @ 8 hours per day)

    Self enrolment
  • Purpose: Prepares solution architects with the foundation to design and architect a Securonix production deployment.
    Audience: For Solution Architects
    Duration: 8 hours
    Method of Delivery: Class
    • Capacity Planning
    • Architecting for Scalability
    • High Availability & Failover Architecture
    • Real Life Deployment Scenarios
    • Real Life Integration Scenarios
    Self enrolment
  • Securonix Engineers

    Self enrolment

Welcome to the Securonix Training Portal.

Securonix offers multiple courses to provide you the skills so you can make the most of your investment in Securonix.

We have instituted an education program that has courses catered to specific teams within your organization to help them work with our technology in the best possible way.

Take advantage of these ready to order courses or let us know if you would like to see a course tailored specifically for your needs.


Securonix University Team, 2013

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